lexkap: My dad thinks he's best buds with Howard Stern because they have been "hanging out" every morning for like a million years. He's dying to know what its like to actually be friends with him IRL.


Though we don’t speak everyday on the phone or see each other on a regular basis, he is one of the most loyal people I can call a friend. As a longtime fan as well, I feel the Howard we’re hearing nowadays is the closest to who he really is.

This ones for you, dad.


JOHN STAMOS • WEDNESDAY, JULY 23 • 6:15pm ET / 3:15pm PT

He’s played with The Beach Boys and in his own band, Jesse & the Rippers. Now, the uncle you’ve always wanted stars in the new comedy, My Man Is A Loser, where he teaches men how to be better in relationships.

John Stamos has so much to share, he’s willing to lay it all out on Tumblr.

Submit your questions here, don’t be shy, then follow My Man is a Loser and hop on your dashboards on Wednesday, July 23rd at 6:15pm ET / 3:15pm PT for John Stamos’s Dashboard Confessions.

You guys on Wednesday I get to hang with Uncle Jesse IRL and show him how to answer all your asks.

Ok I’m gonna go die now bye.